Dr. Henry Mentz’s Plastic Surgery Price List

Dr. Mentz continues to prove he is one of the leading experts in the industry for facial rejuvenation, body contouring and safety in plastic surgery. Most recent national and international awards are: 

  • FIRST TRIPLE BOARDED PLASTIC SURGEON IN THE US - He was the first to gain boards in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and Head and Neck Surgery.
  • MEDICAL LIVEWIRE GLOBAL AWARDS, "BEST PRACTICE' IN THE WORLD - 2016 Global Best Plastic Surgery Practice. This international award recognizes the world's top plastic surgery practice with new medical developments, breakthroughs, innovation, and academia.
  • MY FACE MY BODY AWARDS, "1ST IN TEXAS" AND "TOP 5" IN US - Dr. Mentz and his group The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) was named the Best Aesthetic Practice in Texas and Top 5 in the Nation for 2016 at the My Face My Body Awards in Hollywood, CA.
  • MEDICAL LIVEWIRE GLOBAL AWARDS, "PLASTIC SURGEON OF THE YEAR USA - 2017/2018. This international award recognizes the world's top plastic surgery practice with new medical developments, breakthroughs, innovation, and academia.

Multiple procedures will reduce the costs for anesthesia and facility time. Procedures listed below will vary patient to patient and are subject to change at any time. Please be aware that the prices listed below are for an estimate of fees only and that you will need a consultation to confirm any pricing.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

  • "2016 BEST SURGICAL FACIAL REJUVENATION" AT THE AMEC, PARIS, TWICE! - Dr. Mentz's beautiful facelift client was the most exceptional in Paris, winning him 1st place for the Best Surgical Facial Rejuvenation case 2016 by the AMEC. This was his second Paris award for the best facelift and is the first plastic surgeon to win this award twice.
  • "2016 and 2013 BEST SURGICAL FACIAL REJUVENATION" AT THE AMEC, PARIS, TWICE! - Dr. Mentz's beautiful facelift client was the most exceptional in Paris,  winning him 1st place for the Best Surgical Facial Rejuvenation case 2016 by the AMEC. This was his second Paris award for the best facelift and is the first plastic surgeon to win this award twice. 
  • Facial aging is related to skin quality, soft tissue sag, skin laxity, deflation, and shape changes. Pricing is complicated since there are so many options and the best results are with blended techniques.
  • The skin quality may need to be addressed especially for patients with a history of sun exposure, like our Texas patients. Many techniques may be used depending on your skin type and the amount of aging present. Skin peels, pulsed light, mini lasers, fraxilated lasers and erbium ablative lasers may be recommended. Our Sciton Erbium and Halo Laser is one of the world’s best. Postoperative skin care is important.
  • For the brow, Dr. Mentz generally prefers endoscopic lifting because of the tiny incisions and lifting laterally. It can be used to address glabellar lines or furrows and brow shape adjustment.
  • Facelifts require careful measurements and planning. Dr. Mentz believes it requires expertise in all types of facelift techniques to maximize results and provide long lasting benefits. He utilizes MACS, multilayer, composite, deep  layer and extended SMAS techniques in the face depending on your specific facial shape and genetics. PRP, Bromolain and Arnica are used to reduce bruising.
  • In the neck, it will often require specialized techniques of fat removal, skin tightening, platysmaplasty, myotomy, anterior digastric muscle adjustment, suspension suture, and submaxillary gland adjustment.
  • Overnight recovery in our center with close RN  observation, facial care and morning hair wash is a nice finish.
ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
Facelift – Women*17,785.0012,500.00
Facelift – Men*19,785.0014,500.00
Mini Facelift11,385.007,500.00
Sub-max Gland6,385.003,000.00
Necklift – Women*8,885.004,500.00
Necklift – Men*9,885.007,500.00
Endoscopic Browlift5,985.004,000.00
Upper Blepharoplasty (upper lids)5,100.003,015.00
Lower Blepharoplasty (lower lids)5,100.003,015.00
Canthopexy – Bilateral4,100.002,015.00
ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
Buccal Fat Pad Removal4,100.002,015.00
Giampapa – Neck Suspension5,200.003,115.00
Earlobe Reduction3,200.001,115.00
Earlobe Repair3,200.001,115.00
Chin Augmentation w/Implant6,500.004100.00
Fat Grafting – Full Face5,500.003,415.00
Fraxel to Face5,000.002,570.00
HALO Laser7,000.004,500.00
Henry A. Mentz

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Mentz trained with the inventor of the breast implant (1961), Houston Dr. Tom Cronin, and has expertise in almost every type of breast improvement strategy from breast implant to lifts and reductions. He has developed and published techniques for improvement in safety and contour. Many times blended procedures may provide the most optimum contours and results combining Lifts, Reductions, Implants and Fat Grafting. Inside sutures with Prinio six week tape can reduce scars along with scar formulations and occasional laser.

Breast Procedures

ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
Breast Augmentation w/ Saline Implant6,900.004,150.00
Breast Augmentation w/ Silicone Implant7,600.004,150.00
Liposuction to Axilla w/Breast Augmentation 2,500.00
Mastopexy (Breast lift)10,150.007,615.00
Mastopexy w/ Saline Implant12,150.007,500.00
Mastopexy w/ Silicone Implant12,850.007,500.00
Breast Reduction (lab fees billed sep.)10,150.007,615.00
Removal & Replacement – Saline Implant6,400.003,650.00
Removal & Replacement – Saline Implant7,100.003,650.00

Additional procedures that may need to be added to your breast augmenation.*

Inverted Nipple1,500.00
Nipple Reduction1,500.00


Dr. Mentz trained with the inventors of the structure rhinoplasty, Drs. Jack Anderson, Calvin Johnson and Dean Torumi at Tulane and has expertise in primary and reconstructive rhinoplasty. More than half of his patients are seeking improvement in previously performed rhinoplasty and require delicate and complex techniques. He is Houston’s only member of the exclusive Rhinoplasty Society, a group of the world’s best nasal surgeons. His triple boards and extensive training in Facial Plastic Surgery give him the confidence to take on many challenging cases.

Nasal Procedures

ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
Revision Rhinoplasty20,000.0011,000.00
Deviated Septum Only6,650.004,500.00
Tip Only7,150.005,000.00
Ear Cartilage to Correct Septoplasty12,150.002,637.00


Dr. Mentz has published and received many awards for his new techniques in body contouring and safety in contouring.

He invented Ab Etching, Pect Etching, Brazilian Buttock Pump Method, defined 3D Sculpting, elimination of bra strap grooves with fat grafts, small scar gynecomastia removal, contributed to safety in contouring with publications in pain pumps, Experil for sustained pain relief in tummy tucks and liposuction, Blood thinners after surgery for improved safety, 3D tummy tucks, large volume Brazilian buttocks, no drain in tummy tucks, improved scars with special techniques and teaches the 3D and Safety course at the National ASAPS conference yearly.

His new ACPS Surgicenter boasts four operating rooms and seven overnights and allows for the most complete Mommy Makeovers.

Areas of Liposuction: abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, axilla

*EACH ADDITIONAL AREA IS $700 plus the cost of anesthesia, garments & vitamin

ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
One area of Liposuction5,700.003,465.00
Neck & Jowls5,650.003,500.00
Brazilian Butt Lift w/ 2 areas of Liposuction10,150.004,000.00

***Overnight stay may be required if large amount of fat is removed or transferred. $1K

Henry A. Mentz

Abdominoplasty, Abdominal & Pectoral Etching

ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)12,650.008,065.00
Extended Abdominoplasy / Hip Lift15,700.0010,565.00
Abdominal Etching7,800.005,650.00
Pectoral Etching5,800.003,750.00
Pectoral Etching & Axilla Contouring6,600.003,750.00
Abdominal Etching & Waist Contouring10,150.005,700.00
Abdominal Etching, Pectoral Etching & Flanks13,150.008,700.00
Abdominal Etching, Pectoral Etching, Flanks & Axilla Contouring14,650.008,700.00
Gynecomastia + Lipo to Axilla6,800.003,850.00

 Body Lift Procedures

ProcedureEstimated CostProcedure Fee
Body Lift18,500.0013,115.00
Thigh Lift11,200.006,215.00
Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)11,650.006,915.00
Medial Thigh Lift7,750.005,065.00
Brazilian Buttock Lift10,150.007,615.00

*The Brazilian Buttock Lift includes 2 standard areas of Liposuction

Henry A. Mentz

Surgicenter, Overnight Care, Spa and Options

Dr. Mentz and ACPS proudly boast their new Surgicenter with four operating rooms, the newest anesthesia and operating room equiptment, and seven overnight rooms for aftercare. Our private rooms function with a staff member per room and care is delivered with love and empathy. We have cooling masks, dynamic compression garments, warm air blankets and gowns, holistic vitamin recovery IVs, hair washing stations, patient and family education sessions and home care nurses that can come home with you or take you to your hotel. Our nomadic home nurse can visit you for a day or two after your surgery if you are within the Love Circle radius. Our ACPS Rejuvenation Spa offers massages, facials, pulsed light for bruising, lasers for scars, scar lotion kits, silicone strips, rejuvenation creams and lotions, and many assorted treatments for hair removal, age spots, sweating, wrinkles, cool sculpting, acne treatment, cellulite treatment, hair replacement, PRP, threading, thread lifts, and fillers and neurotoxins for wrinkles.

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