The art of the balance

As a plastic surgeon, aesthetic balance is extremely important to bring to every procedure I perform. Although medical school defined safety for me, you are not trained in aesthetic balance there. This is something that is learned through experience. When approaching a procedure, I never focus solely on the area I’m working on. I take into consideration the entire surrounding area in order to create an overall harmonious appearance. Because of this, the patient won’t look “worked on”; rather, he or she will look improved and balanced.

Henry A. Mentz

The Mentz philosophy

I maintain a philosophy of clear doctor-patient communication, careful planning, and surpassing expectations.

Beginning with a consultation, I listen closely and carefully to an individual’s aesthetic concerns and goals. Understanding a patient’s needs, situation in life, personality, and overall goals are paramount — and communication is the foundation of a solid doctor-patient relationship. Using my experience, I will recommend what I believe is the safest and most effective option, keeping the individual’s specific medical history and desired goal in mind. While aesthetics are always subjective, it’s of the utmost importance for the doctor and patient to be on the same page. I want my patients to be fully informed on the procedure and recovery process, and what they can expect regarding results. I want them to always be comfortable and relaxed with me, trusting me to achieve the best possible outcome for their needs. 

Extensive planning is also incredibly important. It’s crucial that my patients are fully educated on the details of the procedures I recommend, what to expect during recovery, when they will see results, and the risks associated with the procedure(s). We provide advanced 3D computer imaging to give patients an idea of what their results will look like, as well as educational materials for patients to read or go over with myself if needed. In addition, we use patient interviews, photos, examinations, and measurements to understand and communicate. These are strategies our team utilizes to compile a profile for goals and strategies.

The final part of my philosophy is surpassing the expectations of my patients. I do this by not promising them too much up front — and then delivering to my best ability. I don’t believe in hyping patients up; rather, it’s important to be honest and direct, informing them bluntly of what their results may be. I have found that being straightforward with patient expectations keeps them grounded in reality and very satisfied with their results. 

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