What is a Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is often a great solution for those who dislike their small or recessed chin. When a chin is undersized, it can have a negative effect on both your face and profile. Chin augmentation provides added definition to the chin to achieve a more balanced appearance between facial features, helping the nose to appear more proportionate and creating a better contour between the chin and neck.

Picture Of Young Women Posing In A Side Profile Position

Who is a good candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Good candidates for chin augmentation are unhappy with their weak chin structure, jawline, profile, and appearance. They wish to improve their proportions and enhance facial symmetry. Ideal candidates include patients who meet the following requirements:

  • Do not smoke
  • Are of sound body and mind
  • Are not currently dealing with any significant health issues, such as hypertension or a bleeding disorder, that would compromise their treatment or recovery
  • Have realistic goals for what chin augmentation can achieve
  • The face and skull have fully matured
  • Feel their small or recessed chin is having a negative impact on their face, neck, and/or profile
  • Who wants a more defined and sculpted chin to balance their other facial features

For those who want to achieve these results, Dr. Henry Mentz performs chin augmentations in Houston and is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial surgery.

Picture Of Young Women Posing In A Side Profile Position
Picture Of Young Women Posing In A Side Profile Position

What to expect during your Chin Augmentation procedure

Dr. Mentz uses either a chin implant or fat grafting. For an implant, Dr. Mentz will make a small, inconspicuous incision beneath the chin or within the mouth. Dr. Mentz minimizes the appearance of scarring by making incisions in precise areas where they either won’t be visible or where they’ll blend into the skin well. During your chin augmentation, the incision is usually made inside the mouth. 

For fat grafting to increase the volume in the chin area, Dr. Mentz will harvest fat from an area of the body where there is unwanted, excess fat. This fat will be cleansed and purified, then injected into the chin area precisely to provide volume.

Your Recovery 

After your chin augmentation in Houston, expect mild to moderate bruising and discomfort for 1 to 2 days. You will follow a liquid-only diet during this time. Dr. Mentz will give you specific instructions based on your surgery, but you may need to take antibiotics, have drains, or wear a compression bandage. 

Most patients require 1 to 2 weeks before returning to normal activities and sedentary work. Wait for 6 to 8 weeks before exercise or strenuous activity.

Young Women With A Sculpted Chin Smiling

Benefits of Chin Augmentation:

  • Define the chin for better face, neck, and profile balance
  • Improve depressions around the chin
  • Create a counterbalance for the nose
  • Correct facial asymmetry
  • Strengthen the jawline
  • Be customized for your face, as Implants come in various shapes and sizes
  • Achieve a very long-lasting outcome and natural-looking results
Young Women With A Sculpted Chin Smiling
Young Women With A Sculpted Chin Smiling

I had rhinoplasty and chin implant done by Dr. Mentz. He is the best in the business, and a very caring doctor. 


Henry A. Mentz

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