At our plastic surgery office in Houston, TX, we offer noninvasive miraDry treatments for patients who experience excessive sweating. Our triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Henry Mentz, can help you find relief with this Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment in 3 easy steps in a one-hour appointment at our office.

Men and women can both benefit from the miraDry treatment (even without a hyperhidrosis diagnosis from your doctor). Many of Dr. Mentz's miraDry patients have reported to experiencing immediate results and see less growth of their underarm hair after the treatment.

Treatment Technique

The miraDry treatment is easily performed in an hour at our office. We will invite you into our minor procedures room where we will map out your sweat glands within your underarm area. Then, we will numb the area with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the treatment. Lastly, we will place the miraDry technology over your marked skin. You can expect to feel a suction-like sensation on your skin. Your sweat glands will be destroyed once the miraWave energy is passed over the skin.


There is no downtime associated with a miraDry treatment. Your underarms will feel numb from the local anesthetic until it wears off, and you may experience some swelling and a dull pain for a few days. We recommend treating the area with ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce the pain. During your consultation and treatment planning session, we will discuss with you the number of sessions needed for optimal results and when you can resume exercise and other activities that will cause you to sweat. Giving yourself a few days rest may be needed for proper healing.

miraDry FAQs

Don't I need my sweat glands?

Even with losing your underarm sweat glands with a miraDry treatment, you still have millions of sweat glands within your body to cool off. The FDA approved miraDry to be safe for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). If you have more concerns, we can discuss them in a private consultation.

How many Treatments?

Every miraDry patient will have their own customized treatment plan. After your first miraDry treatment session you will see a significant decrease in the amount to sweat your underarm and the odor it produces. We will discuss with you how many treatments you will need at your treatment planning session.

How often do I Treat?

In some cases, a patient may need only one miraDry treatment session, however, most patients have at least 2 for best results. The second appointment may be scheduled 2 – 3 months later.  Our patient coordinator can help you plan your treatment schedule at your consultation appointment.

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