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What are chin and cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation can be achieved with dermal fillers or fat grafting, and this term can also refer to surgical implants that provide a more prominent and youthful fullness to cheeks that are flat or concave.

With age, the face loses the fat that keeps it looking smooth and supple. Our Houston, TX cheek augmentation has the ability to deliver a healthy, more contoured appearance to the cheeks and the face overall. 

Chin augmentation is often a great solution for those who dislike their small or recessed chin. When a chin is undersized, it can have a negative effect on both your face and profile. Chin augmentation provides added definition to the chin to achieve a more balanced appearance between facial features, helping the nose to appear more proportionate and creating a better contour between the chin and neck.

Chin and cheek augmentation has the ability to:

  • Provide a contoured, youthful fullness to the face
  • Define the chin for better face, neck, and profile balance
  • Help the face appear less hollow and sunken 
  • Improve depressions around the chin
Woman With Beautiful Chin And Cheeks

Dr. Mentz’s surgical technique for chin and cheek augmentation

To give the cheeks a look that appears more naturally sculpted and full, Dr. Mentz prefers to restore volume to this area through the use of either cosmetic dermal fillers or cell-enriched fat grafting. If fat grafting is the chosen method, he will use fat that has been liposuctioned from another area of the body and inject it into the cheeks to re-sculpt their appearance.

Cheek implants may also be used. To provide definition to the chin, Dr. Mentz uses either a chin implant or fat grafting.

In regards to chin and cheek augmentation with implants, in order to minimize the appearance of scarring Dr. Mentz makes incisions in areas of the face where they either won’t be visible, or where they’ll blend into the skin well.

For our Houston, TX chin augmentation, the incision is usually made inside the mouth. Cheek implants can be inserted through incisions in the mouth or around the eyes.


Patients will have mild to moderate bruising and discomfort for 1 to 2 days after their surgery as they follow a liquid-only diet. Dr. Mentz will give each patient specific instructions based on their surgery, but it may include antibiotics, drains, and compression garments. Most patients will need 1 to 2 weeks before they can return to normal activities, and 6 to 8 weeks before exercise can be resumed. If cosmetic dermal fillers are used, there is typically no recovery time.

I had rhinoplasty and chin implant done by Dr. Mentz. He is the best in the business, and a very caring doctor. 


Candidates for cheek augmentation

If you’re considering our Houston, TX cheek augmentation, it’s important to understand that the best candidates for this treatment are those:

  • Whose face and skull have fully matured
  • Who are unhappy with their flat or concave cheeks
  • Feel that their weak cheek structure makes them appear unhealthy or aged
  • Have experience volume loss in the cheeks due to age
  • Want a youthful, healthy-looking contour for the cheeks

Candidates for chin augmentation

If you’re considering chin augmentation in the Houston area, it’s important to understand that the best candidates for this treatment are those:

  • Whose face and skull have fully matured
  • Who are unhappy with their weak chin structure
  • Whose small or recessed chin is having a negative impact on their face, neck, and/or profile
  • Who want a more defined and sculpted chin to balance their other facial features


How much does chin and cheek augmentation in Houston cost?

The cost of chin and cheek augmentation in Houston will vary from patient to patient, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Take a look at Dr. Mentz’s plastic surgery price list, but please note that the prices listed are for an estimate of fees only, and that you will need a consultation to confirm any pricing.

Can your body reject a chin or cheek implant?

Because the chance of implant rejection is extremely rare, the risk of this happening is very slight.

Does a chin implant change your smile?

Your smile may be changed, but this is usually a temporary effect and resolves with time.

How long does a chin or cheek augmentation last?

Most facial implants last for a lifetime.

Should I choose cheek implants over fillers?

Each patient is unique and should make their own decisions about their cheek enhancement. For those looking for a long-term solution, cheek implants provide permanent, outstanding results.

Can chin or cheek augmentation be combined with another procedure to enhance results?

Many patients choose to have cheek and/or chin augmentation in conjunction with a facelift or rhinoplasty to create an overall more balanced look. Facial implants may also be combined with non-surgical cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and Juvéderm®.

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