What is Cellfina?

Cellfina is the only minimally invasive cellulite procedure that’s been FDA approved and clinically proven to improve cellulite for at least two years. The treatment uses a needle-sized medical instrument to address the primary structural cause of cellulite: connective bands, just under the skin, that weave throughout the fat of the thighs and buttocks.

How Cellfina works

The connective bands mentioned above tend to “yank down” on the skin, which causes the puckered appearance of cellulite — and causes you to want to cover up.

Cellfina’s needle-like device works to break up these connective bands, and this process is completed, the skin is released and free to “bounce back” to its smoother appearance.

What is a Cellfina treatment like?

Patients love Cellfina because there are no incisions, and the procedure is minimally invasive. Cellulite dimples will be marked before the treatment begins to help guide the doctor. Once the area has been numbed and you are lying down comfortably, a device is used to treat the cellulite. 

The device is a clear, circular instrument that uses suction energy and a very tiny blade just below the surface of the skin in order to carefully sever the trouble-causing connective bands. This results in much smoother-looking skin. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Recovery and results

Patients are typically able to return to their regular activities the day following their Cellfina treatment. You may experience some soreness, tenderness, and/or bruising, but these are minimal. Many patients see early improvement just a few days after the procedure, with results able to last up to three years.


What areas can be treated?

The most commonly treated areas with Cellfina area the thighs and buttocks, which are two of the most vulnerable areas to cellulite development.

How many Cellfina treatments will I need?

The majority of patients only require one treatment, but if you develop more cellulite later in life, you may be able to have another treatment done.

Will weight gain affect my results?

Weight gain won’t affect the treated area, as Cellfina addresses the actual root of the cellulite.

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