How does PRP work?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is used to kickstart dormant hair follicles into action, and it comes from your very own blood. As many men and women grow older, hair growth slows down or becomes completely inactive.

PRP contains growth factors that include dozens of platelets. When injected into hair follicles, these platelets trigger scalp tissue to activate by attaching to specific growth factor receptors, then send a message to the nucleus grow hair.

Over a series of PRP sessions, inactive hair follicles are “ordered” to begin an active growth phase. 

How does ACell work?

ACell is an FDA-approved nanofat graft stimulant that also contains growth factors. In addition, it includes peptides, elastin, and structural proteins. When injected into hair follicles, ACell “wakes up” adult tissue that lies within the scalp, which helps the existing hairs to become stronger and thicker. 

Why team up PRP and ACell?

ACell together with PRP acts almost like a fertilizer for the scalp. By stimulating the growth factors, ACell revives the hair follicles, encouraging more hair growth that is thick and healthy. The powerhouse team of PRP and ACell is maximized hair growth and results in faster growth and better results. ACell also delivers finer and more exuberant graft growth.

PRP/ACell treatment details

We encourage you to be hydrated and eat before your appointment. The first step in your treatment is to have your blood drawn. Once we do this, we will place your blood inside a device to separate the red blood cells and other impurities from the platelet-rich plasma. The plasma goes into a syringe so that we can inject the plasma directly into targeted hair follicles. Your scalp will be numbed to minimize discomfort from the injections, and then treatment will begin.

First you will receive the ACell injections, then the PRP injections. While everyone’s pain threshold is different, the majority of patients report very little discomfort. Treatment varies from each specific case, but typically sessions last about an hour and a half. 

Recovery and results

There is very little downtime associated with PRP/ACell treatments, and you will most likely be able to return to your regular day immediately after your appointment. Some patients have scalp tenderness, mild to moderate swelling, an itchy scalp, and/or pinpoint bleeding at the injection sites, these will subside quickly. If you’re in a lot of discomfort, please call us. Be aware that you will need to sleep with your head elevated the first night after treatment, and do not shower for 24 hours. Avoid hair dyes and/or blow drying for at least two days.  

PRP with ACell deliver excellent results, but it takes time. You may begin to see results at four months, and finalized results at 6 to 12 months. We recommend 2 to 3 treatments a year for males, and one treatment per year for females.

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