What is EVOLVE?

The first technology to feature body contouring, skin tightening, and muscle stimulation in one device, EVOLVE by InMode can accomplish what a lot of other treatments can’t. Highly advanced, EVOLVE isn’t just a multi-level treatment — it’s also completely non-invasive, hands-free, and able to address multiple areas of the body at one time. 

It was also developed with safety as a priority, with a platform that includes a color-coordinated temperature guide to effectively monitor the level of heat that’s being emitted. Finally, EVOLVE is fully customizable in order to treat almost any body type, and is most commonly used on the abdomen, arms, legs, flanks, and buttocks. 

What happens during an EVOLVE treatment?

The outstanding results that EVOLVE achieves comes from the combination of three elements: Trim, Tite, and Tone. Each of these elements use applicator pads which will be strapped to your body, in the area(s) to be treated.


Trim treatments usually take around 15 minutes. The applicator pads (up to six) can be placed anywhere on your body for fat removal. Once placed, the pads emit vacuum-assisted radiofrequency into your deep tissues. Your unwanted fat is suctioned up into the instrument, and bipolar radiofrequency energy is then introduced to the tissue, which helps decrease the fat. The suction allows for deeper penetration for the radiofrequency energy, which causes contraction and results in more effective contouring and skin tightening. 


Tite treatments usually take about 30 minutes. For these applicator pads, a gel will be used on your skin before they’re strapped on. This is because the radiofrequency energy used is topical, targeting the superficial tissues. This improves both the texture and the quality of the skin. The Tite applicator pads include electrodes, over which the energy passes back and forth. 


Because Tone treatments involve muscle spasms, the amount of treatment time can be customized to your comfort level. The average is typically 20 minutes. Four applicator pads can be used at the same time for this part of EVOLVE. The muscles are exercised with muscle stimulation using an electrical current. This current depolarizes the nerves, which creates rapid muscle contractions. Tone makes you feel like you’ve done hundreds of sit-ups in a very short time. Because of this, it’s more “strenuous” than Trim and Tite. 

Recovery and results

The majority of EVOLVE patients are able to return to their regular day immediately following treatment. Although you’ll see early results after only one or two treatments, we recommend six treatments for an optimal outcome.

Candidates for EVOLVE

EVOLVE is an excellent option for those who want to contour their body, tighten the skin, and tone up their muscles. While this treatment works for a wide variety of body types, the best candidates are individuals who already maintain a healthy lifestyle (a good diet and regular exercise). EVOLVE is not for those who are pregnant, have hernias, or who have metal inside their body.

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