About Houston Downtown Aquarium

This six-acre Houston Downtown Aquarium is an underwater adventure that features more than 200 species of aquatic life from around the world, and exhibits such as a 17th century Spanish galleon, a rainforest, sunken temple, and white tigers. Recently, the Aquarium opened Stingray Reef where guests can touch and feed stingrays for a unique experience. Dr. Mentz and his staff suggest dining at the Aquarium restaurant where magnificent creatures such as sawfish, guitarfish, and reticulated rays will swim past your table. The Downtown Aquarium also has fun games and rides, including an aquatic-themed carousel, and a Ferris Wheel that provides views of the Houston skyline. For more information on current exhibits and hours, please visit www.AquariumRestaurants.com/DowntownAquariumHouston.

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