Using the same technology and concept as BodyTite and FaceTite, AccuTite is the smallest RFAL technology on the market, perfect for the treatment of areas that require precise attention, such as beneath the eyes, above the knees, the "bra-fat" area, hands, brows, or lower face. Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz is excited to offer Houston, TX patients this effective and proven option. Schedule a consultation at Henry A. Mentz to learn more. 

Procedure Technique

Your AccuTite treatment will be performed using local anesthesia. Other anesthesia options can be discussed if you are having more than one small area treated or you are concerned about pain. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Mentz will begin your treatment by inserting a very fine probe through a tiny incision in your skin. The treatment area is then treated with RFAL technology, gently remodeling the area without affecting the surrounding skin. Treatments are typically very fast and provide almost instantaneous results. You will be discharged immediately after your procedure to return home to rest. Patients are typically able to resume their normal activities within a matter of days.

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What to Expect

Your treated area may be mildly red and swollen for about a week after your procedure. If it is appropriate, Dr. Mentz may recommend a compression garment be worn during the beginning of your recovery. Patients will notice immediate improvements to the treated area with final outcomes being realized after swelling has decreased. For up to around four months following your AccuTite treatment, your skin will continue to improve as collagen growth was stimulated during the procedure.

AccuTite FAQs

Who is a good candidate for AccuTite?

The very best way to determine if you are a candidate for AccuTite is to schedule a visit to our Houston, TX facility. AccuTite is for the treatment of very small facial or body areas that require precise treatment. If your treatment area is large, you may be a better candidate for BodyTite or FaceTite.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

AccuTite is minimally invasive but will require you to rest at home for a couple of days following treatment. You should plan to take a few days off from your normal routine. You will also need someone to drive you home from your appointment in the event that anesthesia is used. To ensure optimal safety, we will discuss your medical history and medication usage prior to scheduling your treatment.

Does it hurt?

Dr. Mentz will use local anesthesia (more options available upon request) to limit any discomfort you may feel. The use of anesthesia combined with the fact that incisions and tools are very small helps patients to remain at ease and comfortable during their procedure. If you are concerned about pain, mention it to Dr. Mentz during your consultation so the appropriate anesthesia can be chosen.

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