Meet Marjorie Assistant Administrator

Serving as the medical clearance coordinator for Dr. Mentz. Marjorie ensures that Dr. Mentz's patients are cleared for general anesthesia at least two weeks prior to surgery. She helps manage his surgical calendar and serves as a liaison between his patients and the ACPS surgical team prior to surgery. Marjorie is a Houston Firefighter wife and a dedicated mother of three children. In her spare time, she loves watching movies, competing in obstacle courses, and playing competitive women’s and co-ed soccer.   Favorite Quote: “Courage is grace under pressure.”

Marjorie Vela

ACPS Medical Clearance Coordinator
[email protected]
Direct: 713-354-5173
Fax: 713-799-1925

  • Please fax any medical clearance  required 2 weeks prior to surgery for review if required based on any current medical conditions you have.
  • If a Mammogram is needed we recommend using Houston Medical Imaging Please contact Marjorie to send order before call to schedule an appointment at  (713) 589-5231

Need Medical Clearance / Recommended providers:

Associates In Medicine 713-797-1087
4543 Post Oak Pl Dr Suite 105 Houston, TX 77027

Southwest Urgent Care 713-640-5754 *open on Saturdays
5900 Chimney Rock Rd Ste X, Houston TX 77081

Nan Jiang, MD 713-270-0909
9999 Bellaire Blvd Suite  370 Houston, TX 77036

~~~Marjorie will call you the day prior to surgery to review your night before surgery instructions, any last minute questions and CONFIRM ARRIVAL TIME TO SURGERY.~~~

After Care Options / 3D Party

You will need transportation after surgery as we cannot release you to a car service. Options below are recommended but are not affiliated with ACPS.

Nesta’s Recovery Home

Terri Verde
409-658-9134 -  Beaumont area only

Ultimate Recovery & Wellness
[email protected]

After Care For Facelift Patients Only

This rental will take the place of ice packs during your recovery and is $315 for the full 7 day rental.

Contact Us
Office: 713.528.9998
Fax: 713.528.9996
Email Us: [email protected]

Please call and place a credit card on file between scheduling surgery  and your pre-surgical/consent  appointment to reserve your rental. Your credit card will not be charged  until your rental machine has shipped out. A return shipping label is included to make returning simple. You do NOT bring this with you the morning of surgery as you will use our machine during your overnight stay with us in your private suite. We will provide a mask the morning of surgery.

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